How to Live an Active, Sober Lifestyle

Recovering from addiction is not easy, especially when friends, family, and perhaps even a spouse still partake in drinking or drug use.  What is important now is that you maintain focus and remember what is important to you.  How is surviving sobriety possible without living inside of a box? The following information can help you lead a sober life.

Be Honest

When you’re in a situation that you cannot leave temporarily or when you know others will drink, be honest with others. Tell them that you do not drink/use drugs and that you’d rather not receive any offers. Good friends always respect your wishes and others who understand certainly will do so.

Remove Yourself From the Situation

It is up to you to decide what is and is not tolerable and remove yourself from situations deemed the latter. While removing friends or even family members from your life seems difficult, it is sometimes necessary to maintain your own peace of mind and confidence.

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Find New Hobbies

If your life consists of activities that promote drug and/or alcohol use, it is time to find new activities and hobbies that you enjoy. As mentioned above, removing yourself from the station and from certain people can benefit you tremendously when you need to maintain sobriety.


A variety of counseling and therapy services help people who are dealing with substance abuse issues austin. Take advantage of the services so you always have the support and shoulder to lean on that gets you through the situation.


If your spouse drinks or you’re attending a party or even where other people may drink alcohol, bring your own drink. You can quench your thirst and forego the desire to drink when your own drink is in handy ready to sip.